About vivēchana

Thank you for visiting the vivēchana blog. This blog is dedicated to the critical examination of topics of public interest. It will focus primarily on social, political, and economic issues relevant to India and the United States.

The word vivēchana (विवेचन, వివేచన) is from Sanskrit, and it is present in several modern Indian languages. The word has several related meanings: critical thinking, examination, investigation, judgment, and the act of making distinctions between different concepts or things. In the spirit of vivēchana, this blog will exhibit a bias towards data-driven insights into topics of public interest. I will cite my sources of data and endeavor to describe my analyses so they can be replicated and validated by interested readers.

I am an Indian citizen living in the United States. I studied engineering and business, and am a management consultant. I am avidly interested in history, politics, science, and economics. I love big-picture thinking that makes connections between distinct areas of inquiry, and I hope to bring some of that to this blog.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

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